Featured Speakers: UW-Madison 175th Anniversary

Celebrating its 175th anniversary, the University of Wisconsin–Madison continues its legacy of forging a path forward. From 1848 to today, UW has been home to both dreamers and doers. Badgers have found shared purpose in this principle — an unwavering belief that the teaching, research, and public service at UW-Madison should push beyond the boundaries of campus to improve the lives of the people of Wisconsin. We call it the Wisconsin Idea.

This is where dance, poverty, and conservation became fields of study. Where the ABCs meant the discovery of vitamins and the dispatching of disease. Where bone marrow was first transplanted, and stem cells first cultivated. Where we turned a toxin into warfarin and saved a president. Where we put the first observatory up in space and down in Antarctica.

Request any one of the UW speakers below who specialize in Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Idea, (or any of our speakers) and see how an idea can change the world.