Portrait Photograph of Michael Notaro

Michael Notaro

Senior Scientist/Associate Director

Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies | Center for Climatic Research

Dr. Michael Notaro is the Associate Director and Senior Scientist of the Nelson Institute Center for Climatic Research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He received a PhD in Atmospheric Science at the State University of New York in Albany in 2002. His research focuses on global and regional climate modeling, land-atmosphere interactions, and ecological impacts of climate change.


Observed and Projected Climate Change in Wisconsin and the Broader Great Lakes Region

Dr. Notaro will present a general summary of observed and projected climate change in either Wisconsin or the broader Upper Midwest and Great Lakes region, including an overview of climate modeling, downscaling, adaptation, and other key concepts.

Rapid Warming of the Great Lakes

Dr. Notaro will discuss the observed rapid warming of the Great Lakes and potential mechanisms for this rapid warming.

Impacts of Climate Change on Regional Wildlife in the Upper Midwest

Dr. Notaro will discuss projected changes in winter severity across the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes region and implications to wildlife, namely dabbling ducks and white-tailed dear.

Land-Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions and their Regulation of North African Climate

Dr. Notaro will discuss regional climate variability across North Africa, with focus on the Sahel, and how ocean temperatures and vegetation control this climate variability, including drought occurrence.

Variability and Drivers of Middle Eastern Dust Storm Activity

Dr. Notaro will discuss Middle Eastern dust storm activity based on observational and remote sensing data, with focus on the spatial distribution, sources of variability, and drivers of this variability.