Badgers On Tap

Badgers On Tap brings UW-Madison expertise to pubs, breweries, bars, and other events venues near you! UW departments partner with Badger Talks to produce a series of On Tap talks to showcase their work and research to communities and new audiences.

Upcoming Badgers On Tap Events

No events returned.

For interested departments:


Please contact to begin planning a Badgers On Tap series. Badger Talks will provide:

  • Administrative support and resources
    • Presentation supplies (projector, screen, connector cables at participating venues)
    • Coordination efforts
    • General venue/UW trivia for games, as well as a template for your own
    • UW bingo for events, as well as resources to create your own
  • Marketing
    • Facebook event, events calendar entries
    • Social media marketing
    • Flyers
    • Events calendar listings
  • Connections to venues to coordinate free use of space
  • Training/coaching for presenters and emcees