Zach Feiner's headshot.

Zach Feiner

Research Scientist

College of Letters and Science | Center for Limnology

Hometown: Plain, WI

Dr. Zach Feiner is a fisheries ecologist who studies fish populations in inland lakes, rivers, and the Great Lakes across the Upper Midwest. His research focuses on the dynamics and management of recreational fisheries, including who fishes, what they fish for, and how they value fishing, and how climate change is affecting our lakes, including the fish populations and communities that live in them.


Creel World: Wisconsin

This talk covers how we learn about the values, attitudes, and behaviors of recreational anglers in Wisconsin, including what they fish for, why they fish, how they use technology, and how they respond to regulations.

Lake Responses to Wisconsin's Changing Winters

This talk discusses how winters are changing in Wisconsin due to climate change, and how reduced or lost ice cover on our lakes impacts how they function and provide habitat to the plankton, fish, and other animals that live in our lakes.