Portrait Photograph of William Buckingham

William Buckingham

Associate Scientist

School of Medicine and Public Health | Health Services and Care Research Program

Hometown: Indian Head, MD

Dr. Buckingham provides geographic perspective to the Health Services and Care Research Program, including developing and updating geographically based measures of socioeconomic contextual disadvantage and conducting geographic analysis relative to the program’s research questions.He is an expert in Health Geography and Geographic Information Science and Cartography.


The Area Disadvantage Index: Using geographic information science to construct and share metrics of neighborhood disadvantage in a clinical setting

Building on a history of disadvantage metrics, largely from Europe, the construction of the Area Disadvantage Index marked an advancement in disadvantage metrics in the United States. This talk will discuss the origins and methods used to construct the index, along with its clinical applications. The development and deployment of the Neighborhood Atlas will be used to demonstrate how geographic information science can further social determinants of health work in the medical arena.