Victor Cabrera

Professor/Extension Dairy Specialist of Dairy Farm Management

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences | Department of Animal and Dairy Sciences

Hometown: Cusco, Peru

Dr. Cabrera combines applied research, interdisciplinary approaches, and participatory methods to deliver practical, data-driven, user-friendly, and scientific decision support tools for dairy farm management. These scientific tools are improving dairy farm profitability, environmental stewardship, and long-term sustainability. Dr. Cabrera’s research and extension programs have a global impact. Dr. Cabrera and his workgroup have developed 50 decision support tools, published 90+ refereed articles, and 10+ book chapters. Dr. Cabrera has presented in 100+ scientific sessions, and given extension talks in 400+ extension meetings in Wisconsin, other States, and around the world. Dr. Cabrera’s work in the past 14 years has been pivotal to attract $5.5+ million to support his research and extension initiatives.

Dr. Cabrera’s talks can also be offered in Spanish.


The Dairy Brain: A continuous decision making engine

Dairy Brain is a platform that integrates the data streams collected by different software onto a single platform, and applies the latest algorithms to reveal novel insights. The technology could enable farmers and industry professionals to make far better use of the latest techniques in data analysis – and may even lead to new advances in efficiency and sustainability.

The Dairy Management portal

Data-driven decision support tools are aimed to help dairy farmers improve their decision-making, environmental stewardship and economic performance. Dairy farm systems are highly dynamic in which changing market conditions and prices, evolving policies and environmental restrictions together with every time more variable climate conditions determine performance. Dairy farm systems are also highly integrated with heavily interrelated components such as the dairy herd, soils, crops, weather and management. Under these premises, it is critical to evaluate a dairy farm following a dynamic integrated system approach. For this approach, it is crucial to use meaningful data records, which are every time more available. These data records should be used within decision support tools for optimal decision-making and economic performance such as those portrayed in the UW-Dairy Management website (

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