Portrait Photograph of Victor Brar

Victor Brar

Assistant Professor

College of Letters & Science | Department of Physics

Hometown: Middleton, WI

Victor Brar worked with carbon nanotubes, at MIT with Mildred Dresselhaus, before getting his PhD at UC Berkeley while working on Scanning Tunneling Microscopes with Mike Crommie. He has developed new methods to image materials with atomic resolution and to move individual atoms within materials. Later, Victor went to Caltech to create photonic devices that scatter light in weird ways, similar to holograms. Eventually moving back to Wisconsin in 2016, he has been building specialized electron microscopes to study materials that show quantum properties. Additionally, making materials that could be useful for futuristic spacecraft.


Laser Sailing - Developing Materials to Visit the Closest Stars.

I will discuss how to make materials that can reflect high powered lasers in a way that is useful for relativistic propulsion through space.