Portrait Photograph of Troy Reeves

Troy Reeves

Oral Historian

General Library l University Archives

Hometown: Blackfoot, ID

Since 2007, Troy Reeves has led oral history activities for the UW-Madison Archives. As head of the campus oral history program, Troy speaks to groups on oral history in general and on UW-Madison-focused oral history projects.


What is Oral History? And Why Does it Matter?
The term oral history appears a lot online, so much so that its true meaning has become obscured. Professional oral historians, such as UW-Madison Oral History Program Head Troy Reeves, have tried to push back against this phenomenon through his writings and presentations, including showing examples of “real” oral history done by Wisconsin organizations. So, join him as he answers two questions: What’s oral history? And why does it matter?
Stop. What's that Sound? The UW–Madison Archives & the Vietnam Era
The late 1960s (and early 1970s) not only stand out as a tumultuous and historic time in the U.S. but also on UW-Madison’s campus. Through a small portion of the University Archives written, image, and audio collection, Troy Reeves—head of the Archives’ oral history program—will tell the story of those turbulent years on campus. Since Reeves serves as UW-Madison’s oral historian, he will focus his presentation on audio excerpts and transcripts, making this story come primarily from the people—administrators, faculty, staff, and students—who lived it.