Portrait Photograph of Tracy Nelson

Tracy Nelson

Adjunct Faculty, President/Chief Talent Officer

Wisconsin School of Business l Management & Human Resources

Hometown: Madison, WI

Tracy is a senior business leader with deep experience in a variety of industries such as healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, insurance, and more. She also teaches management and human resources courses in the Wisconsin School of Business MBA and undergraduate programs. Tracy is an international speaker in areas such as building high performance organizations and teams, change management, leadership, managing team dynamics, personal excellence, emotional intelligence, adult learning and human resources, management skills, coaching, feedback, and more. She loves engaging audiences and challenging them to learn, grow, and be their personal best!

Speaker fee of $550 per hour session applies. Available for virtual sessions only.


Successfully Navigating Organizational and Personal Change

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Leading with Emotional Intelligence

EI is the ability to recognize, understand, and manage your emotions and to effectively adapt your behaviors to create positive and constructive relationships with others. Emotional intelligence is an important characteristic for anyone at any level of an organization, but it is even more critical at the leadership level. Leaders with high EI have solid self-awareness about the link between their behaviors and how it makes others feel and perform. A leader’s emotional intelligence can have far-reaching influence over their relationships, how they manage their teams, and the results produced in the workplace. Emotionally intelligent leaders lead by example and are more effective problem-solvers. They communicate more effectively, make better decisions, create better relationships with their team members, and achieve career and personal goals in a shorter amount of time while better engaging and motivating those around them.

Join Tracy Nelson of Aspire Talent Group to:

  • Learn the brain science of emotions that drive workplace behaviors
  • Identify patterns, triggers and emotional habits that either drive or derail your performance
  • Learn practical strategies to respond more skillfully as pressure increases and adapt behaviors that expand your influence and credibility.


Coaching for Results

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Managing Team Dynamics

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High Impact Communication Skills

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Effective Presentation Skills

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Navigating Team Conflict

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Courage and Candor in Difficult Conversations

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CEO of Your Career- Managing Your Own Development

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