Tova Walsh

Associate Professor

College of Letters & Science | School of Social Work

Dr. Tova Walsh focuses on parenting in children’s earliest years of life, with the goal of supporting the health and well-being of often-overlooked populations of parents and their young children. Her research centers on support for families with young children facing adversity, and supporting men across the transition to fatherhood. Themes in her work include identification of barriers and facilitators of strong parent-child relationships, disruption and repair of early relationships, and technology-delivered parenting support. Dr. Walsh provides trainings and webinars for child and family service providers on strategies to more effectively engage fathers and works with scholars from across disciplines and around the country on research and translation to promote the wellbeing of young children and families.

Areas of expertise contd.: Parenting Interventions in Early Childhood, Military Families, Fathers and Fathering


Recognizing and supporting fathers' roles in early childhood

A growing body of research demonstrates fathers’ unique contributions to development. Fathers’ involvement during pregnancy and in the child’s early years can set the stage for involvement over the long term. This talk will highlight the important role of fathers in early development and opportunities to support fathers in their role as parents and partners.