Portrait Photograph of Tony Goldberg

Tony Goldberg

Professor of Epidemiology

Nelson Institute for Enviromental Sciences | School of Medicine and Public Health | Veterinary Medicine

Tony Goldberg focuses on the ecology, epidemiology and evolution of infectious disease. He endeavors to understand how pathogens in dynamic ecosystems are transmitted among hosts, across landscapes, and over time. Tony is involved in a number of projects around the world that use approaches ranging from molecular biology to social science. Through a combination of fieldwork, laboratory work, and quantitative inference, he endeavors to discover generalized mechanisms and root drivers of pathogen transmission, evolution, and emergence. Dr. Goldberg’s overall goal is to improve the health and wellbeing of animals and people while helping conserve the rapidly changing ecosystems we share.


Emerging Zoonotic Diseases in Uganda
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West Nile Virus in Chicago
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Fish Diseases in Wisconsin
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