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Tony Chambers

Director for Community Well-being

College of Letters and Sciences | Center for Healthy Minds

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Over 40 years of teaching, researching, and leading college student development initiatives in the US and Canada. Extensive professional work focusing on student well-being and flourishing. Professor Emeritus from the University of Toronto, and current Director of Community Well-being in the Center for Healthy Minds at the University of Wisconsin. Committed to equity, inclusion, and belonging in all facets of my work and life.

A speaker fee applies to Tony’s talks.


Building pathways to flourishing in a culture of belonging

I work with participants to focus on ways to support human flourishing (students, staff and faculty) and build a sense of belonging for all. I explore the art and science of flourishing and belonging, as well as the personal and organizational impact of human flourishing and belonging.

Teaching for student learning in diverse college classrooms.

Explore promising teaching practices to optimize all student learning in classrooms where students come from different cultural and racial backgrounds. I share evidence to support the discussed practices, and engage participants in exploring their own ways of teaching in diverse college classrooms.