Portrait Photograph of Timothy Donohue

Timothy Donohue

Director - Wisconsin Energy Institute

Wisconsin Energy Institute

Hometown: New York City, NY

Timothy Donohue directs Great Lakes Bioenergy, a Department of Energy funded grant that seeks to produce green diesel and other fuels plus chemicals from non-food plant material. Success in this activity can develop new uses for renewable resources, generate socioeconomic opportunities for communities, and have greenhouse gas and environmental benefits in Wisconsin, the US and the world.


On The Road to Sustainable Production of Fuels and Chemicals from Biomas
Tim Donohue is Ira Baldwin and UW Foundation Fetzer-Bascom Professor of Bacteriology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is an international expert on the sustainable bio-based conversion of renewable resources into fuels and products. Since 2007, he has led Great Lakes Bioenergy, a 25M dollar per year US Department of Energy renewable fuels and chemicals research center. He is also Director of the Wisconsin Energy Institute, an inter-disciplinary research unit that seeks to develop new low-carbon technologies. Dr. Donohue will describe the challenges of meeting society’s growing needs for energy and highlight how UW-Madison, as a Land Grant institution, and Great Lakes Bioenergy advances can produce sustainable low-carbon energy, fuels and chemicals for citizens, communities, and industry.
Energizing the Wisconsin Idea
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