Taekyeom Lee

Assistant Professor of Graphic Design

School of Education | Art Department

Hometown: South Korea

Taekyeom is an educator, multidisciplinary designer, and maker. His research explores unconventional materials and alternative solutions to create tangible typography, graphics, and even designed objects using digital fabrication. He infused 3D printing into his research and has been experimenting with various methods and materials. His artwork has gone viral on social media and has drawn attention nationally and internationally.


3D Printed Embosser - Reviving a Historical Artifact with 3D Printing

You can print letters with no ink! This project originated from integrating an ancient historical artifact (cylinder seal), the traditional printing method (embossing), and digital technique (3D printing). The process involves an engaging experience that is more fun, memorable, and playable. Also, it could be an application for vision-impaired people.

Make Think Repeat - Creative Design with 3D printing.

Technology and design have been in a symbiotic relationship. The new digital fabrication techniques urge designers to embrace new possibilities. Taekyeom has tried to develop, test, and find the place of emerging technologies in creative practices. He will share the experimentations with various digital methods and conventional and unconventional materials in 3D printing.

Make Your Own Machine - Building a DIY Ceramic 3D Printer.

Since the ceramic 3D printer was not affordable and accessible, I decided to build my own toolkits, a self-built desktop 3D printer based on open source and my clay extruders. This talk will share my experience in building a custom machine and developing the process of 3D printing clay.

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