Suzana Salcedo's headshot

Suzana Salcedo

Associate Professor

School of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Pathobiological Sciences

Hometown: Porto, Portugal

I was born in the US but grew up in Porto, Portugal, where I did my undergraduate degree in Microbiology. In 2003, I received my PhD from Imperial College London (UK) and then moved to France, where I spent the past 20 years studying how bacterial pathogens cause disease. In August 2023, I arrived at UW-Madison as an Associate Professor of Immunology of Infectious Diseases at the School of Veterinary Medicine.

Suzana’s talks can also be given in Portuguese, French, and Spanish.


The microscopic world around us

Explore the microscopic world within us. Learn how friendly commensal bacteria support our health and how rogue pathogens cause harm. Discover the fascinating balance between these unseen microorganisms and how scientists study them.

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