Portrait Photograph of Susan Wenker

Susan Wenker

Assistant Professor

School of Medicine and Public Health | Department of Family Medicine and Community Health

Dr. Wenker earned a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse in 1991. She also earned a Master of Science in Continuing Vocational Studies from UW-Madison in 2002 and a Doctor of Philosophy with a distributive minor in Aging, also from UW-Madison in 2016. Dr. Wenker is an Assistant Professor with the University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Family Medicine and Community Health and the Doctor of its Physical Therapy Program. She is a board-certified clinical specialist in geriatric physical therapy – emeritus and an advanced credentialed exercise expert for aging adults.




Dementia – Effective Communication Strategies

Effectively communicating with a person who had dementia can be challenging. This session provides information to establish normal and pathological cognitive changes along with strategies to effectively communicate with people living with dementia. Participants leave with an action plan to engage positive communication with someone who has dementia.

Physical activity and Exercise-Making Exercise Safe and Effective

Physical activities and exercise are inherent in improving a person’s quality of life. This session provides information about safe and effective strategies for aging adults to maximize their workout time.

Program Development-Connecting the Dots

Many people want to develop a program to share their ideas. However, the path to offering the program can be challenging. This session provides attendees a framework to develop an educational program that can transfer to a variety of settings.