Portrait Photograph of Steve Ventura

Steve Ventura

Professor Emeritus

College of Agricultural & Life Sciences / Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies | Department of Soil Sciences

Hometown: Highland, WI

Steve Ventura is the Gaylord Nelson Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Environmental Studies and Soil Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW). He was Chair of the Agroecology Program, and the Director of the Land Tenure Center. His expertise is in land and geographic information systems (GIS) as applied to a wide range of issues including land management and resource protection, water quality, critical habitat, agricultural conservation, precision agriculture, and land records modernization. Current research includes community and regional food systems, risk and mitigation of toxicants in the environment, farm woodlot management, and vocational training in urban agriculture.


Ideas for a More Sustainable Agriculture

While industrialized agriculture has created an abundant and stable food supply, it has unintended economic, social, and environmental consequences. Sustainable and regenerative agriculture has the potential to mitigate some negative consequences, and may be critical in combatting climate change and water quality degradation.