Portrait Photograph of Steve Barczi

Steve Barczi

Professor of Medicine (Geriatrics/ Sleep Medicine)

Department of Medicine-Division of Geriatrics; Center for Sleep Medicine | University of Wisconsin School of Medicine & Public Health

Dr. Barczi has been a clinician-educator who has worked in the areas of general geriatrics care, memory care and sleep disorders (with a special focus on sleep issues in later life) over the past 25 years. He has helped develop a number of new models of care for optimizing the care of older persons (e.g. geriatrics telemedicine, tele-dementia care, home-based primary care, sleep education programming). He also dedicates time in creating curricula and educational products that support competency-based education for many different healthcare disciplines. He regularly speaks to community groups as well as groups of health care professionals on a range of age-related health care topics and also adult sleep topics.


Sleep, Health and Aging

Dr. Barczi discusses the basic principles of sleep, health consequences of impaired sleep and basic strategies for optimizing sleep.

Sleep and Cognition - How Sleep Influences Memory Health

There is a growing body of evidence that links normal sleep with memory, and abnormal sleep and memory illnesses such as dementia. Dr. Barczi reviews some of the basic principles of sleep, mechanisms for how sleep influences memory consolidation, and evolving evidence for how sleep can predispose towards conditions such as dementia. He also describes the evidence for how managing certain sleep disorders may influence cognitive and behavioral outcomes in adults.