Shawn Kelly

Distinguished Teaching Faculty

Department of Planning and Landscape Architecture | College of Letters & Sciences

Hometown: Prescott, Arizona

Approaching 30 years at the University, over 30 years in the Professional Practice of Landscape Architecture. Author of the Practice Act for Landscape Architects in Wisconsin. Past National President of the American Society of Landscape Architects. Winner of multiple National Awards in Landscape Architecture. Past invited speaker at the White House, by President Obama.

Areas of expertise, continued: Sustainable and Resilient Development Strategies, Resilient Design/High Performance Landscapes, Aquifer Recharge via Strategic Stormwater Management and Design.


The Climate is Changing: there are things each of us can do

Talk content is specific to audience (age, focus, awareness). The reality of a changing climate is impossible to ignore. Potable water is becoming more scarce, and we have climate refugees in America. Stay tuned, as this is just beginning. We can each make a difference that will result in change.

Our aquifers are all in a greater state of drawdown than recharge

The basics of stormwater cycle is illustrated, with altered cycles added for understanding of the evolving state of storms. This leads to the realities of successful stormwater management on a per site basis. These elements are discussed and illustrated.