Portrait Photograph of Sean Palecek

Sean Palecek


College of Engineering l Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering

Hometown: Schofield & Boulder Junction, Wisconsin

Sean Palecek graduated from the University of Delaware, majoring in chemical engineering with a minor in biology. He began graduate studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, working with Doug Lauffenburger in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Alan Horwitz in the Department of Cell and Structural Biology. Sean moved with Lauffenburger to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, continuing his collaboration with Horwitz, and completing his PhD at MIT. His research focuses on enabling regenerative cell therapies from human stem cells by applying engineering principles to cell manufacturing. His lab has made contributions to producing heart, brain, skin, and other tissues.


Stem cell research at UW-Madison- Changing Medicine for the 21st Century

Professor Palecek will discuss the role of UW-Madison in pioneering discovery and research in stem cells and describe ongoing efforts to translate stem cell science to clinical therapies for a broad variety of diseases including heart disease, neurological diseases, muscle and skeletal injuries, and diabetes.