Portrait Photograph of Scott Woody

Scott Woody

Assistant Scientist

Department of Biochemistry

Scott Woody received his PhD in Genetics from the University of Iowa in 1993 and arrived on the UW–Madison campus in 1996. Academic research activities have been quite diverse through appointments in the Genetics where he studied the earliest stages of plant development, to Plant Pathology — looking at the interactions between microbes and the leaves they call home, and, since ~2003, in the laboratory of Rick Amasino, UW–Madison Department of Biochemistry. His research and activities have been focused on developing a new generation of plant and molecular resources useful to help students to understand genetics, evolution, and the nature of science. He has taught a course “Evolution and the Nature of Scientific Inquiry”, intended for UW non-science majors. He is a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Society of Plant Biologists (for which he serves as a member of the Education Committee), the National Association of Biology Teachers. More locally, he is a member of the Crow Institute for the Study of Evolution (Education and Outreach Committee) and a member of the UW–Madison Teaching Academy.


Bridging the Conceptual Gap: How plants can help students to understand genetics, evolution, and modern genomic sciences
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Evolution and the Nature of Scientific Inquiry: A layperson’s guide
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