Portrait Photograph of Sarah Kemp

Sarah Kemp


College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Department of Community and Environmental Sociology, Applied Population Laboratory

Sarah Kemp has been with the Applied Population Laboratory, Department of Community and Environmental Sociology since 2003. Her research has focused primarily on enrollment projections modeling. She has worked with more than ninety school districts projecting student enrollments and evaluating the impact of boundary changes and housing on enrollment. Her past and present research includes examining rural school issues, redistricting, comprehensive planning, and demographic change in inner-ring suburbs. She received a M.S. in geography from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.


The Impact of Demographics and the Pandemic on Wisconsin’s School Enrollment

The Applied Population Laboratory has generated statewide enrollment projections throughout the years observing urban and suburban school districts increasing in enrollment, while rural school districts declining. An aging population, decreasing births, and the effects of the pandemic have meant enrollment change for most school districts. This presentation will examine the impact of demographic trends and the pandemic on student enrollment and will analyze how enrollment in Wisconsin schools is changing.