Portrait Photograph of Sarah Kemp

Sarah Kemp


College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Department of Community and Environmental Sociology, Applied Population Laboratory

Sarah Kemp has been with the Applied Population Laboratory, Department of Community and Environmental Sociology since 2003. Her research has focused primarily on enrollment projections modeling. She has worked with more than ninety school districts projecting student enrollments and evaluating the impact of boundary changes and housing on enrollment. Her past and present research includes examining rural school issues, redistricting, comprehensive planning, and demographic change in inner-ring suburbs. She received a M.S. in geography from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.


  • Rural areas of the state face several challenges including maintaining population size due to an aging population and declining numbers of children and young adults. These demographic changes to rural Wisconsin will impact healthcare, social services, and housing, as well as school districts and businesses. This presentation looks at the demographic shifts in rural Wisconsin and the effects of those changes on schools and communities.