Portrait Photograph of Sarah Endicott

Sarah Endicott

Clinical Professor

School of Nursing l Nursing

Hometown: New Glarus, WI

Sarah Endicott is a dual board-certified geriatric and psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner with over 10 years’ experience as an advanced practice nurse in rural Wisconsin. In the School of Nursing, Dr. Endicott teaches a variety of both clinical and didactic courses in the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program, guest lectures on geriatrics in the community and on campus and developed two geriatric-focused inter-professional courses. As a clinical expert in geriatrics and dementia care, she has collaborated on large-scale research and quality improvement projects that have reach across the state. Dr. Endicott leads the Advance Practice Preceptor education workshop series in collaboration with the Office of Advance Practice at UW Health and the UW Madison Physician Assistant Program.


Dementia Management

This talk focuses on the basics of dementia management from early to late disease. It’s appropriate for both health care professionals and lay audiences.

Alzheimer's Disease and End-of-Life: Exploring Comfort Care

This talk focuses on Alzheimer’s disease as a terminal illness and the potential benefits of both palliative and hospice care for people living with AD. There is talk of symptoms experienced at end-of-life and treatment options. This would be appropriate for professional and lay audiences.

Medical Complications of Moderate to Severe Dementia.

Talk objectives: Describe characteristics of moderate and severe stage dementia•Name three medical complications of advanced dementia•Identify one strategy for preventing each medical complication of dementia•Explain the nursing management of medical complications of dementia

The Challenging Student

This is a talk aimed toward preceptors of health professional students. It gives specific techniques for helping students to succeed in clinical settings.

Assessing Critical Thinking

This talk is geared toward preceptors of advance practice provider students, but could be tailored for other health professional students.