Sarah Carroll

HR Competencies Program Manager

Office of Human Resources

Sarah Carroll is HR Competencies Program Manager within the HR Communities of Practice Office in the Office of Human Resources at UW–Madison. The office was formed in 2015 to foster the development of communities of practice among human resources professionals across UW–Madison. Sarah has a master’s in education with an emphasis in adult learning and organizational development, and 15 years of human resources experience, including recruitment, on-boarding, training and staff development, in a variety of settings including non-profits, healthcare, the performing arts, and information technology.


  • In this interactive session, we’ll explore alternative ways of thinking about what is classically known as “time management” and share practices that can support your ability to prosper within inevitable constraints of time and space.

  • In this interactive session, we’ll explore the four phases of project management and why collaboration with others is so critical to achieving successful outcomes.

  • JK Rowling was nearly destitute before she wrote Harry Potter. Oprah Winfrey and Walt Disney were fired from their media positions before experiencing success that has touched all of us. What about us ordinary mortals? In this interactive session, we’ll explore the concept of failure and what failure has to teach us. How do we transcend traditional responses to failure, and learn instead to embrace our darkest moments to become a stronger version of who we’re capable of being?

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