Portrait Photograph of Sara McKinnon

Sara McKinnon

Associate Professor

College of Letters & Science | Department of Communication Arts

Hometown: Montague, MI

Sara McKinnon is an expert in immigration and refugee issues, violence, gender-based violence, and international/global politics. Her current research examines these these themes within the context of contemporary U.S.-Mexico relations. Dr. McKinnon also teaches and gives talks on intercultural communication, conflict communication, and gendered modes of communicating.


Contemporary US Asylum, Refugee, and Immigration Policy

This talk provides an overview of key issues in US refugee and immigration law and policy today. It provides audience members with history and context to understand debates, issues, and policy changes around matter of immigration.

Managing Refugees--60 years after the United Nations Refugee Convention

This talks provides a historical overview of the formation of international protocol and the US system for managing displaced persons.

Mexican Drug Wars? Myths and Realities

Mexico is currently in the news for the prevalence of drug-related violence. This talk contextualizes these messages by examining the truths and myths about narco-related violence.