Sandy Peterson's profile picture. A white woman with shoulder-length blonde hair in a plaid top smiles at the camera against a grey background.

Sandy Peterson

Associate Lecturer

School of Education | Department of Theatre & Drama

Hometown: Madison, WI

Dr. Sandy Peterson earned her PhD in Interdisciplinary Theatre Studies and has been teaching theatre for cultural and social awareness for over a decade. She uses theatre to engage audiences in dialogue about meaningful and sometimes sensitive subject matter, to encourage students to explore and experience difference, and to empower and transform communities.


Acting Out Social Change

This talk will take the audience through a brief history of how theatre has been applied to social change, and will explain why theatre is an effective vehicle for facilitating dialogue and practicing empathy. We will also examines best practices for using theatre to deconstruct our socialization and build inclusivity.

Acting Out Social Change: A Workshop

This is an interactive workshop that demonstrates various theatre for social change practices. Participants will play theatre games as a means of exploring subject matter that is significant to them.