Ronni Hayon's headshot.

Ronni Hayon

Associate Professor

School of Medicine and Public Health | Department of Family Medicine and Community Health

Hometown: Columbus, OH

Dr. Hayon joined the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health in 2011. She has been a pioneer at UWSMPH in supporting education related to gender-affirming care and LGBTQ+ health care delivery. In 2019, Dr. Hayon became a leading force for the first AMA Foundation LGBTQ+ Health fellowship in the nation. Through her work in gender-affirming care, Dr. Hayon is a mentor to all levels of learners across the spectrum of students, residents, and faculty through local, regional, and national platforms. Her educational expertise focuses on providing trans health care, sexual health, LGBTQ+ health inequities, career guidance for learners interested in gender-affirming care and LGBTQ+ health. Dr. Hayon also serves as the Co-Medical Director of UW Health’s Gender Services Program.


Caring for Trans and Nonbinary People

Review barriers to care that trans and nonbinary people face when accessing healthcare and learn concrete skills for providing excellent and affirming care.

Peripartum Care for the LGBTQIA2S+ Community

Review barriers to care that trans/nonbinary people and their families face when seeking quality reproductive healthcare. ​Compare and contrast fertility and family-building options for LGBTQ+ families.​ Demonstrate understanding of peri-partum management of gender-affirming hormones.

Making a Safe Space for All Bodies: Taking an Inclusive Sexual History

Define sex and gender, and explain how those definitions are evolving​. Explore homophobia, transphobia and privilege​. Develop concrete skills for taking a thorough and affirming sexual history for patients of all sexualities and genders. ​Apply gender and sexuality-inclusive sexual history intake skills in clinical cases​.