Robert Kirchdoerfer's profile picture. A white man with brown hair in a dark shirt smiling against a grey background.

Robert Kirchdoerfer

Assistant Professor

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences | Department of Biochemistry, Institute for Molecular Virology, Center for Quantitative Cell Imaging

Hometown: Oregon, WI

Robert received his Ph.D. and did his postdoctoral research at Scripps Research in California. Beginning in graduate school and continuing into his own laboratory research, he has used high-resolution imaging techniques to figure out how viral proteins work. Throughout his career, he has studied the proteins from many pathogens including influenza virus, ebolavirus and coronaviruses.


Coronavirus spikes

How do coronaviruses recognize and enter cells? How does the biochemistry of viral spikes enable better coronavirus vaccines?

Complex machines making viral RNA

Coronaviruses use a complicated viral machine to copy their genomes. How do these machines assemble and how are they targeted by antiviral drugs?

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