Richard Monette Portrait Photograph

Richard Monette


College of Letters & Science l Law School

Hometown: Belcourt, Turtle Mountain (ND)

Professor of Law, on faculty since 1992. Former Chairman and CEO, Turtle Mountain Chippewa


Balancing State and Tribe Relations Toward Distinct Cultures for Both

This talk will illustrate that sovereigns determine culture by balancing the public and private, collective and individual, with comparative illustrations between State and Tribes.

The Sacred COW (Constitution of Wisconsin): Structure and Logic and Wisconsin culture.

This talk will map the evolution of the structure of the Wisconsin constitution and relationships between the State government and various institutions and citizen rights and responsibilities.

Tribal Sovereignty: the Right Relations Among Territory, Citizenship, and Recognition by Federal and State Governments.

This talk will explain the fundamental cornerstones of tribal sovereignty and culture, how to preserve and protect it or how to destroy it.