Portrait Photograph of Raina Bloom

Raina Bloom

Academic Librarian

General Library System | College Library

Raina Bloom is an Academic Librarian at College Library. She works primarily with undergraduates, especially those who are new to academic research. Her research and professional interests include the history and philosophy of librarianship, critical pedagogy, the undergraduate library movement, and library work as social justice work. She has published work in the Library Juice Press anthology The Feminist Reference Desk, Ada: A Journal of Gender, Media, and New Technology, and JASIST. Raina received her MLIS from UW-Milwaukee and a BA in English from UW-Madison.


What Librarians Know

Librarians’ knowledge and commitment to meeting the information needs of citizens are of urgent public value right now. Raina Bloom will tell you what librarians know, how they learned it, how they could do better, and why you should care.