Peter Carstensen's headshot

Peter Carstensen

Fred W. & Vi Miller Chair in Law Emeritus

University of Wisconsin Law School

Hometown: Madison, WI

Peter C. Carstensen is the Fred W & Vi Miller Chair in Law Emeritus at the University of Wisconsin Law School. He has a BA from the University of Wisconsin. He earned his LLB at Yale where he also received a master’s degree in economics. From 1968 to 1973, he was a trial attorney at the Antitrust Division of the United States Justice. He joined the UW faculty in 1973 and received emeritus status in 2014. His scholarship focuses on antitrust law and competition policy issues. One area of particular interest is competition issues in agriculture. His book, COMPETITION POLICY AND THE CONTROL OF BUYER POWER: A GLOBAL ISSUE (2017) received the Jerry S. Cohen Memorial Fund Writing Award for best antitrust book of 2017.


The Return of Antitrust

A survey of the pending cases both from government agencies and private plaintiffs concerning competition to highlight the contentious issues that are involved.

Restoring Competition in Agriculture

A major initiative of the Biden administration is to restore workably competition in the markets for agricultural commodities and reduce the exploitation from suppliers of inputs from seeds to tractors. How much success these initiatives will have is an open question.