Portrait Photograph of Peter Adamczyk

Peter Adamczyk

Associate Professor

College of Engineering l Department of Mechanical Engineering

Hometown: Kalamazoo, MI

Dr. Peter Adamczyk earned degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University (B.S.) and the University of Michigan (M.S. and Ph.D) in the areas of Robotics and Biomechanics. He spent several years running a startup company dedicated to advancing the science and technology of lower-limb prosthetics and real-world motion assessment. He is now an Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Wisconsin–Madison where he directs the Biomechatronics, Assistive Devices, Gait Engineering and Rehabilitation Laboratory (UW BADGER Lab). Dr. Adamczyk’s research aims to enhance physical and functional recovery from impairments affecting walking, running, and standing. Core foci include the design of semi-active foot prostheses for gait restoration after amputation wearable sensors for movement assessment during real-life activities and rehabilitation robotics to explore motor learning and neural adaptation in the lower limb.

Dr. Adamczyk prefers in-person talks only.


Advanced Prosthetic Feet and Ankles

Overview of recent research on advanced technology in prosthetic foot-ankle systems and the associated biomechanical science. Emphasis on robotic or adaptive systems aiming to improve functionality across a variety of use cases. Highlights from research at UW Madison including adaptive feet and ankles and real-world measurement techniques.

Making the Most of Wearable Sensors

Your smart watch can count steps and measure heart rate, but there’s so much more that wearable sensors can accomplish! This talk describes how (and why) advanced wearable movement sensors can be used to generate rich data about human movement and behavior. Emphasis on advancements and applications at UW Madison.