Patrick McDaniel

Tsun-Ming Shih Professor of Computer Sciences in the School of Computer, Data & Information Sciences

College of Letters & Science | School of Computer, Data & Information Sciences

Hometown: Athens, Ohio

Patrick’s professional life is devoted to the pursuit of novel research in a broad array of areas of computer science (see below). As part of that pursuit he is fortunate to advise a number of exceptionally talented and committed graduate students and post-docs, as well as participate in many rewarding professional service activities.

Patrick’s research focuses on a wide range of topics in computer and network security and technical public policy, with particular interests in mobile and IoT device security, adversarial machine learning, systems security, program analysis, and the integrity and security of election systems.


Security and Its Role in Achieving Sustainability

It is undeniable that we are at a pivotal point in human existence. Humans as a species have grown in population and infrastructure to the point where our collective actions are impacting nearly every living thing and natural process on earth. So, what can we do to achieve a sustainable lifestyle on earth? McDaniel believes that sustainability can only be achieved when framed as a (physical and cyber) security and game theory problem. Put simply, without verifiable enforcement sustainability in the large will fail.In this talk McDaniel will explore the economics of green initiatives and attempt to frame our collective efforts at reaching a sustainable future as one of systems under threat. Our call to action is to create a new subfield of security that addresses these threats and develops countermeasures.