Olaf Jensen's profile picture. A smiling white man in a green shirt against a background of green leaves.

Olaf Jensen

Associate Professor

College of Letters and Science | Center for Limnology

Hometown: Baltimore, MD. and upstate NY (Callicoon)

Prof. Jensen is an Associate Professor at the University of Wisconsin – Madison’s Center for Limnology. His research focuses on understanding the combination of human and ecological factors that contribute to sustainability of marine and freshwater fisheries. Dr. Jensen has conducted statistical analysis of fisheries around the world, field research on fisheries around the U.S. and has led ongoing research on endangered fishes of Mongolia for the past 15 years.

Prof. Jensen’s talks can also be offered in French.


Are marine fisheries sustainable?

Global review of marine fisheries focusing on sustainability of fisheries and comparison with other sources of animal protein (meat). Fisheries sustainability is not all bad news! In the U.S. and many other developed countries, strong conservation laws have led to the rebound of many previously overfished species.

Saving the world's largest trout in Mongolia

When we think of Mongolia, we picture deserts. But Mongolian lakes and rivers harbor some of the last healthy populations of endangered fish, including taimen, the world’s largest trout. Conservation of this endangered fish relies heavily on sustainable catch-and-release fisheries that also benefit local communities.