Neil Klemme's profile picture. A bearded white man with dark hair and a green plaid shirt smiles at the camera.

Neil Klemme

Youth Development Educator

Division of Extension | Social Sciences

Hometown: Plymouth, WI

Neil Klemme has been with the Division of Extension for the past 16 years and has been in his current role for the past 11 years. His programming focuses on community based civic engagement of youth and preparing youth and adults to create successful spaces for youth to provide meaningful contributions to their communities. He has a master’s Degree in Youth Development from Michigan State University.


Engaging Youth to Build Vibrant Communities

In Engaging Youth to Build Vibrant Communities I will share case studies from around the state that illustrate the importance of incorporating youth voice in community decision-making.

Youth Development is Community Development
Through this presentation I will share the impact that engaging youth in community development initiatives has on the community and the youth.
Building Social Capital through 4-H and other Youth Programs
Through this presentation I will make that case for youth development programs such as 4-H that help young people build social capital that makes them able to get things done in their communities.