Portrait Photograph of Nan Li

Nan Li

Assistant Professor

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences | Department of Life Sciences Communication

Hometown: Shenyang, China

Li’s research focuses on the dynamics of the science-society-policy interface. Centering around socio-scientific issues related to food, energy, and climate, she examines the evolving nature of media discourse and public opinion. She also studies visual communication and the implications of science visualizations on society.


Seeing the Invisible

Nan Li will discuss how contested scientific topics (e.g., climate change, GMOs, COVID-19 etc.) have been visually represented on popular media. She will explain how nonexperts may process various forms of science visualizations and form perceptions of science based on what they see.

How to Visualize your Science

Nan Li will introduce the basic visual design principles and how to effectively visualize scientific topics for both specialized and nonspecialized audiences.