Moses Altsech

Teaching Professor

Wisconsin School of Business

Hometown: Thessaloniki, Greece

An award-winning professor, keynote speaker, trainer, and consultant, Dr. Moses Altsech has over 30 years’ teaching experience at the graduate and undergraduate level. As a consultant and researcher he has worked with dozens of clients from over thirty industries across the US and overseas, and as a speaker he has received praise from business and community leaders and–to his great delight–one Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Dr. Altsech’s talks can also be offered in Greek and French.

A speaker fee may apply.


10 Commandments of Customer Satisfaction

Achieving total customer satisfaction must be the goal of everyone in an organization–from the very top echelons of management to front-desk employees. Learn how small and large companies attained new heights of success by creating and implementing customer satisfaction programs–and how you can create one for your business!

Persuasion and the Psychology of Influence

Influence is a powerful tool, and it can be used for making positive change in individuals and organizations: Understanding how persuasion works and how to present ideas in an influential way is the path to achieving a broad array of strategic goals that both companies and non-profit organizations strive for!

Building A Culture of Innovation

In innovation lies opportunity, and it’s not only feasible but critical to integrate innovation in your culture. Innovation doesn’t require reinventing the wheel, so let’s explore concrete steps you can take to create, inspire, empower, and celebrate innovators throughout your organization.

The Talent Hunt Challenge

Throwing money at people is not the way to recruit the most passionate, talented employees: You must become better at defining “a good fit,” recruiting the right people, giving them reasons to stay and opportunities to thrive. Talent shortage? Let’s make that someone else’s problem!

Mastering Mind Games
The human brain is hard-wired to play games on us to take shortcuts in making decisions, favor quick (versus elaborate) judgments, and be allergic to uncertainty. Understanding those biases allows us to be more mindful about our interaction with others, and better at making decisions!
Finding a Mentor and Being a Mentor

The very best leaders in the world had–and still have–mentors: But do you know how to find the right mentors, and how to groom others to be mentors in their own right? Young employees consider this an important employee benefit, so a well-structured mentoring program will set your company apart!

Formidable Leadership

Sometimes high-performing employees make less-than-perfect leaders, and sometimes we see great leadership in people who don’t have a fancy title. Contrary to popular belief leaders are made, not born—and the building blocks of effective leadership can be taught. Let’s find out how!

The Next Great Communicator

If you’ve met someone who’s terrified of public speaking or sends emails full of errors, you’re not alone. Companies often don’t invest in communication training (because they take those skills for granted), and employees are too self-conscious to ask for it. It’s time to change the way we think about communication!