Portrait Photograph of Moira Harrington

Moira Harrington

Associate Director for Communications

Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education | Aquatic Sciences Center

Hometown: Madison, WI

Moira Harrington is thrilled to work for two programs–Sea Grant and the University of Wisconsin Water Resources Institute–that promote the sustainable use of Wisconsin’s water resources, with a special focus on groundwater and the Great Lakes. As a communicator, Moira tells those water stories through social media, video, podcasting and print and web content.


The Great Great Lakes

The world’s largest freshwater system is right on our doorstep. Fresh water is a precious commodity. As one of nature’s four elements, it is increasingly scarce on a planet with expanding populations, and populations increasingly congregating in arid regions. The Wisconsin Sea Grant College Program, the wet version of a Land Grant College, uses research, education and outreach to promote the sustainable use of our precious Great Lakes.