Portrait Photo of Michael Koenigs

Michael Koenigs

Associate Professor

School of Medicine and Public Health l Department of Psychiatry

Hometown: Fond du Lac

Dr. Koenigs is a UW neuroscientist who studies how our brains generate our personalities. In particular, Dr. Koenigs studies how dysfunction in certain brain circuits can give rise to problems controlling emotion, decision-making, and social behavior. His studies involve brain-damaged patients, patients with anxiety disorders, as well as psychopathic criminals.


  • Inside the Psychopathic Mind: What Brain Science is Revealing About Criminal Behavior
  • Revising Neurocircuitry Models of Mood and Anxiety Disorders 3
  • The Role of the Prefrontal Cortex in Emotion and Social Behavior: Evidence from Brain Science and Implications for Law
  • The Neurobiological Basis of Violence