Mel Freitag

Diversity Officer

School of Nursing

Hometown: Madison, WI

Dr. Mel Freitag is the Diversity Officer in the School of Nursing at University of Wisconsin-Madison. Dr. Freitag serves underrepresented populations through mentorship, recruitment, programs, and professional development. Freitag strives to transform the curriculum through her work with health equity and social justice. Her scholarship explores how students’ and community members’ voices shape what it means to be a welcoming, supportive, and safe/brave school for all. Mel enjoys teaching, writing, running, riding her bike, hanging out with her 5 1/2 year old daughter Bennett, playing with her geriatric cat and dog (Bailey and Fred respectively) and surfing the net while she’s procrastinating.


  • • Understand different ways diversity/inclusion can show up – in nursing research

    • Share the need for diversity/equity in demographics (mirror the populations in which they research) AND creating a research program with an equity lens

    • Call to action for everyone – understanding their own unique sphere of influence across settings (student, faculty, nurse researcher, nurse educator, heath care professional) and how their location will inform their own commitment to equity in their organizations