Merhnaz Ahmadi Joobaneh's headshot

Mehrnaz Ahmadi Joobaneh

Business Intelligence Developer

General Educational Admin | Data, Academic Planning & Institutional Research

Mehrnaz is a Business Intelligence (BI) Developer in the Data, Academic Planning & Institutional Research (DAPIR) at the University of Wisconsin – Madison (UW-Madison). As a member of exciting DAPIR, her main responsibility is supporting the software and solutions used by DAPIR and by data Community to improve and manage their day-to-day data needs and processes. She also has ownership and manages several UW-Madison institutional workbooks. One of the most enjoyable parts of working at UW-Madison is to interact with diverse communities, learning from and helping them to improve work experience. That’s why Mehrnaz has proudly joined a number of communities/committees including the UW Women in IT where she currently co-leads the initiative. In 2024, Mehrnaz received the Ellen La Luzerne Award for Community Engagement award.

Mrs. Ahmadi Joobaneh prefers virtual talks. Her talks can also be offered in Farsi.


Accessibility and Tableau Visualizations

Tableau is one of the main software used for data visualization. Tableau has been improving its accessibility features to help developers build compliant content. This talk will be a review of how to make sure our Tableau visualizations meet the digital accessibility compliance standards.

JIRA and JIRA Automation

JIRA is a highly sophisticated task management tool that can organize our projects and work tasks. There are different ways that JIRA supports automation. This talk will include an overview of JIRA and different types of automations that can be applied.

Using AI in Project Management

In the past year, AI has started merging into my day to day work more than I expected. As I had to learn how to manage my projects end to end by myself, I have started using AI for discovery and planning, risk assessment, requirement gathering, client interviews, change management and other aspects of my projects.