Portrait Photo of Matthew A. Lazzara

Matthew Lazzara

Associate Scientist

Space Science and Engineering Center

Matthew A. Lazzara is an Associate Scientist and Research Meteorologist at the Antarctic Meteorological Research Center (AMRC), Space Science and Engineering Center (SSEC), UW–Madison. He is presently the Principal Investigator of the Antarctic Automatic Weather Station Program, Antarctic Meteorological Research Center and Arctic Satellite Composite Project. In the AMRC, Lazzara supports and maintains the generation and archive of Antarctic weather data, including the Antarctic satellite composite images and the processing of SSECs Automatic Weather Station (AWS) data collected by the AWS network in Antarctica. Additionally, he investigates meteorological phenomena in the Antarctic and conducts educational outreach activities with schools and organizations.


Unlocking the Secrets of Antarctic Meteorology

This presentation will introduce the University of Wisconsin Antarctic Automatic Weather Station (AWS) network and its mission of capturing the weather and climate of the Antarctic. A history of the formation of the AWS network along with recent research findings will be presented. Studies of warming in West Antarctica will be contrasted with climate studies at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station. Recent work on the climatology of the Ross Ice Shelf will also be outlined. A photo journal of deploying to and working in Antarctica will cap off the presentation.

Approximate Length of Talk: 20 minutes to 1 hour

Antarctic Weather: Observing the Coldest Continent
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Antarctic Meteorology and Climate Change
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