Portrait Photograph of Matthew Gebbie

Matthew Gebbie

Assistant Professor

College of Engineering l Chemical and Biological Engineering

Hometown: Indian Tail, NC

Matthew grew up in rural North Carolina and obtained his B.S. in Chemical Engineering from NC State University. He carried out his Ph.D. studies with Prof. Jacob Israelachvili at UC Santa Barbara and was then a GLAM Postdoctoral Fellow at Stanford University, where he worked with Prof. Nick Melosh. Matt’s research group bridges concepts from chemical engineering, materials science, and electrochemistry to create novel ways to store and use renewable electricity. By identifying and resolving fundamental roadblocks, he aims to open new frontiers in the design of materials for sustainable energy, catalysis, and water security.


What can growing diamond teach us about nature?

Have you ever purchased diamond as an ‘investment’? How about growing one in the lab? We aim to understand the earliest stages of diamond growth to create new materials for next-generation quantum computers and energy technologies. Along the way, we discovered insights to help understand natural processes, from cloud formation to bone growth.