Portrait Photograph of Maria Dahman

Maria Dahman

User Experience Architect, Research Lead

Division of Information Technology (DoIT) l Center of User Experience

Hometown: Fort Wayne, IN

Maria’s work focuses on creating inclusive, delightful digital experiences through a process called design research (also called user research or UX research). She studied human-computer interactions and philosophy, and has a lot of work experience in and passion for theater.


User Experience Strategies to Improve the Learner Experience
User Experience (UX) improves the usability, accessibility, and desirability of a product or service through Human-Centered Design. Learn some fundamentals of UX to improve your course. This session will include design thinking to improve an imaginary course, a short usability test, and small, attainable ways to make online content more accessible.
Crafting User Experience Research Recommendations
You’ve gathered website analytics, run surveys, and done user interviews–now what?
Impressive user research doesn’t matter much if the research isn’t used. Communicating what we recommend and framing the recommendations to our audiences in meaningful ways is a skill of its own. In this talk we’ll look at findings from several types of research projects and work through positive and negative examples of how the findings are used to create recommendations. Useful for both qualitative research (interviews, usability testing) and quantitative research (page analytics, usability scales).
Using Surveys Well
A well-written survey is easier for participants to complete and easier for you as administrators to analyze.
This session will offer tips for designing, writing, and analyzing surveys, and will include practice opportunities to improve sample survey questions.