Portrait Photograph of Lori Kido Lopez

Lori Lopez

Associate Professor

College of Letters & Science | Communication Arts, Asian American Studies

Hometown: Portland, OR

Lori Kido Lopez is an Associate Professor of Media and Cultural Studies in the Communication Arts department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She also Director of the Asian American Studies Program at University of Wisconsin-Madison. Dr. Lopez is the author of Asian American Media Activism: Fighting for Cultural Citizenship and Micro Media Industries: Hmong American Media Innovation in the Diaspora, editor of Race and Media: Critical Approaches, and co-editor of the Routledge Companion to Asian American Media. Her work examines race and ethnicity in the media through a cultural studies lens, deploying ethnography and interviews to examine the way that Asian Americans and other minority groups use media in the fight for social justice.


How to Study Race and Media

This talk explains different approaches to the study of race and its relation to media production, media texts, and media audiences.

The Role of Media in the Fight for Intersectional Social Justice

This talk explores the relationship between media and social justice movements such as activism surrounding Black Lives Matter and its connection to social media.

How Asian Americans Have Fought for Better Representation

This talk explains the long history of how Asian Americans have protested racist imagery and fought for inclusion in movies, television, advertising, and other forms of entertainment media.