Portrait Photograph of Lo Klink

Lo Klink

Associate Director for Special Awards & Student Engagement and Strategic Award Design Consultant

Office of Student Financial Aid and Student Academic Affairs

Hometown: Madison, WI

Lauren “Lo” Moser Klink serves as the Associate Director for Special Awards & Student Engagement at the Office of Student Financial Aid at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In this role, Lo leads a team which is charged with creating access to higher education through strategic partnerships and successful administration of aid programs while supporting a robust student experience and complimentary employment opportunities. As the granddaughter of African-American trailblazers, creating access to higher education is of the utmost importance to Lo. She has a strong foundation in how education can create opportunity and is dedicated to establishing access for all students.


Subconscious Sabotage: Understanding Your Implicit Bias

Implicit bias encompasses the views or stereotypes impacting people’s actions and decisions outside of their conscious awareness. These preferences impact socialization, interpreting unfamiliar information, and decision-making. Research shows that unconscious bias trainings raise awareness in the hidden biases that everyone possesses and provides practical steps for how to prevent them from turning into discriminatory behaviors at work. Additionally, pairing understanding with training will help you gain intellectual muscle memory for reducing your biases. Join Lo Klink to learn about this topic and resources you can tap into to evaluate how to lessen implicit bias in your daily life.

Dropping the F Bomb! Challenging Our Notions of FIT in the Hiring Process

We’ve all done it. You know, dropped the F-Bomb. No, not that F*%#-Bomb, the one that is so much more than a simple word, the one that comes with all sorts of complexity…FIT. A candidate looks fantastic on paper, but then you wonder, will they “fit”? When you use the F-Bomb are you considering your identities, influence, or impact in a hiring process? Join Lo Klink to learn more about this concept and how it can be harmful or helpful to our hiring processes.

Identities, Biases, Impacts

Our identities can be incredibly powerful tools guiding us through our lives and sometimes those identities can trigger our biases. Biased responses can be good and bad. Biases help us decide where we would like to spend our time and if that West Coast Tech company is truly right for our career.  However, biases can also inadvertently cause us to exclude people and information we are unfamiliar with. Identities plus biases lead to various impacts in our lives. Join Lo Klink and dig deeper into your identities, discover how to learn about your biases, and discuss the impacts of these topics in your life.