Portrait Photograph of Lisa Johnson

Lisa Johnson

Dane County Extension Horticulture Educator

Agriculture Institute, UW-Madison Department of Extension

Hometown: Madison, WI

Lisa has a bachelor’s degree in Horticulture from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a master’s degree in Life Sciences Communication. Prior to that, she worked in the horticulture industry for eight years. She has been the Dane County Extension Horticulture Educator since 2004. Among her responsibilities are working with Master Gardener Volunteers, providing continuing education for the horticulture industry, overseeing the Dane County Extension Teaching Garden, and acting as staff for the Dane County Tree Board. She gives frequent presentations to garden clubs, non-profits and libraries in southern Wisconsin, and is a regular guest on Larry Meiller’s ‘Garden Talk’ program on Wisconsin Public Radio.

A speaker fee applies for Lisa’s talks.


Tree planting

This talk is 1 hour.

Tree pruning

This talk is 1 hour.

Native plants and pollinators

This talk is 2 hours, but can be cut down to 1 hour by reducing information on pollinators.

Butterfly gardens

This talk is 1 hour.

Rain gardens

This talk is 1 hour. Can include additional information on rain gardens and pollinator plants.