Portrait Photograph of Kavita Poddar

Kavita Poddar

Clinical Nutritionist

School of Medicine and Public Health

Kavita Poddar worked as a dietitian in India, then came to United States for higher education. She earned her PhD in nutrition from Virginia Tech and worked as a post-doc at Johns Hopkins before moving to Wisconsin. Kavita has lived in Wisconsin since 2011 and working at UW Health since 2013. Her field of expertise has always been nutrition and cardiovascular disease (CVD).


Nutrition and Heart Health
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Recognizing Fact, Fiction, and Fad -- How to Make Healthy Eating Choices?

Obesity is a growing epidemic in the US today. Many individuals suffering from weight issues are lured into trying fad diets marketed by the weight loss industry. Today individuals without weight issues also try these diets for various beliefs on health benefits. However, many of these diets are often untested and may cause more harm than good. This talk will focus on current trends in fad diets versus healthy eating approaches. Discuss top 5 fad diets and why they may not be the best options. The talk will also focus on recommendations regarding food intake for optimal health.

Approximate Length of Talk: 30 to 45 minutes