Portrait Photograph of Karen Dickrell

Karen Dickrell

Professor of Family Development

Division of Extension | Appleton

Hometown: Appleton, WI

Karen prefers virtual talks.

Karen Dickrell is a lifelong educator, starting as a middle/high school teacher and then moving to Extension Educator for the past 35+ years. She enjoys people, she enjoys teaching, it is her life passion to bring the resources of the university to people where they live and work.


JOY -- Lessons Learned in Joy!

Building our resiliency skills is more important than ever. Outagamie County celebrates 45 years of hosting an annual Joy Conference. Dickrell has been there for thirty years! The lessons learned build on our family strengths with messages and experiences gained over the years.

Finding Joy
Buckle your seatbelt and prepare for a fun ride while discovering more about the keys to joy and happiness in our life. It is important to appreciate the past and think about the future, but it is most important to think about the present. We are 50% genetics, 10% outside circumstances and 40% thoughts and actions – we can change our story. We will rediscover the keys to happiness that will inspire you to find the joy in your everyday living. Invite your relatives, neighbors, friends and loved ones for this hour of reflection, storytelling.