Kaiping Chen

Assistant Professor

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences | Department of Life Sciences Communication

Hometown: Shanghai, China

Chen’s research employs data science and machine learning methods as well as interviews to examine how digital media and technologies affect political accountability to public well-being and how deliberative designs can improve the quality of public discourse on controversial and emerging technologies. Chen’s work is interdisciplinary and draws from theories in communication, political science, and computer science.

A speaker fee will apply for Dr. Chen’s talks.


Integrating deliberation and digital crowdsourcing designs to engage communities in environment discussions

Climate change has influenced different communities disproportionately. How can we engage communities of color in environment policymaking? In this talk, Dr. Kaiping Chen will introduce her research that integrates in-person deliberation designs with digital crowdsourcing and data science tools for empowering and amplifying community voices in policymaking.

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